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The Fashion for Real Bodies Revolution!

YouniqueU is on a mission to change the fashion world forever! Women in today's society come in a variety of body shapes and sizes. Long gone are the days of squeezing into corsets or distorting our bodies to fit the mold of what a modern, beautiful woman should look like. Women have evolved but why hasn't fashion? The average woman is a Size Fourteen but the average runway model is a Size Zero! 

Our founders are real women with real bodies, just like you, who wanted to create an empowering resource for women to learn how to style their bodies with the latest trends, rather than forcing the latest trends on a non conforming body. At YouniqueU, we believe that personalized styling based on your body type is the new direction the fashion world needs to take, and it’s become our mission to help take it there. You don't have to have the perfect body to look like a perfect 10. Love yourself and be confident! You are beautiful just the way you are!

Join us in discovering your own personalized body type and what makes it beautiful. We will show you tips and tricks to take the season's hottest fashions and apply them to flatter your fabulous parts. Top it off with our “Simple How To's” to achieve the latest hair and makeup trends. Whether you are driving your kids to a soccer game, going to the office, date night with your honey or just out for a fun night with the girls, you will look and feel your best!

So come on! Join the revolution! Show the world you are sexy and beautiful just the way you are, and most importantly show them you are Younique!!

Are you part of the fashion by body revolution?

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