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Your Younique Type!

Our Younique Body Types represent six broad body categories. They are all Youniquely named for women in our lives, with these shapes who have inspired us. Our names are fun and don't come with the negative stigma that tradional body type names carry. 

How your body is made not how much it weighs determines how you style it!  Your Younique Type isn't based on your weight, you can be a single digit dress size or plus sized, it doesn't matter. It is possible to have a secondary body type because you don't fit completely into one category. This just means you are even more Younique and can pull from more than one style guide based on how your body actually flows. 


Our Mozza- the hourglass

Mozzas are best known for being curvy, curvy, curvy! Think 1940's PinUp girl! Her full bust and va va voom hips almost measure same and are offset by a defined waist. Mozzas come in varying heights and dress sizes but her curves are always sexy!

Check out our style guide for our expert's tips to flatter your Younique Mozza body! 


Our Chala- the square

Chalas have that sexy model body. Her bust and hips are proportionately sexy with a straighter cut in waist and longer, lean arms and leg. Chalas tend to be on the taller side but even in a plus size, Chalas rock a well proportioned body! 

Check out our style guide for our expert's tips to flatter your Younique Chala body!


Our Tawnie- the petite

Tawnies are the classic definition of petite! Her tiny, lithe frame sports a proportionate bust and hips balanced out by a tiny waist, and lean arms and legs. Tawnies tend to fall on the shorter side of the scale but their flirtatious persona is huge!

Check out our style guide for our expert's tips to flatter your Younique Tawnie body!


Our Jozie- the pear

Jozies are women rap dreams are made of! A slim torso and cinched waist are offset by ample oh-la-la hips and a full bum! Jozie is the most common body type and these ladies range in various sizes and heights but always sports a luscious backside!

Check our our style guide for our expert's tips to flatter your Younique Jozie body!


Our Suza- the cirlce

Suzas are notorious for their slim limbs! Her naturally full bust only sweetens the package. Suzas have a fuller waist line that leads into more narrow hips and shapely, oh so lovely legs. Suzas come in all sizes but those sexy legs stay constant!

Check our our style guide for our expert's tips to flatter your Younique Suza Body!


Our Lola- the triangle

Lolas are statuesque beauties! Often viewed as athletic and sporty, her beautiful shoulders and ample bust flow into a lean waist, narrow hips and to die for legs.  Lolas are guaranteed to dazzle at varied heights and sizes! 

Check our our style guide for our expert's tips to flatter your Younique Lola Body!

Need More Help Figuring Out Your Younique Type?

Take Our Younique Body Type Quiz- It's a fact that 44% of women have no clue what their body type is! Take our Younique Body Type quiz to help yourself out. Remember your body is Younique so you may have a secondary type. This only expands your styling options, it doesn't limit them!

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